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Syrian Refugee Crisis - Act Now

In Syria's war over 200,000 have died, 6 million have been internally displaced, and 3 million have fled the country - most of those live in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jo[...]


They Embody Possibility

They receive no monthly stipend, no rent support, no food packages. They cannot work, they cannot go back to Syria, they cannot go back to Palestine. Without the right paperwork, t[...]


They Call Us Refugees

Their trauma has eclipsed their lives and memories from before. “I can’t remember any happy memories,” Farah says, “all I remember is the killing and the death and the pain.”[...]


Born in Terror, Living in Trauma

"She is at home," her mother-in-law reminds her. I am separated from my daughter and they are bombing outside, tears roll down her cheeks. Another contraction seizes her body just[...]


"Syria is Dead"

"Syria is dead. I don’t want to go back. It will not be what it was for a hundred years. I want to go to America, where my kids might have a future. There is nothing for them here.[...]


A Brief History of Syria's War

We care about stories. We care about the individual lives impacted by overarching, complex events. We care about the names and faces behind the numbers and statistics. But we also [...]


Finding Hope in Zaatari

Flooded with messages that say there is anything but hope when it comes to the Middle East, I see something much different. I have hope because of Nadine, in awe of how such love, [...]