Experience the stories first hand

We can share the stories of the people we meet as we travel…or we could introduce you to them in person.  Meet us in one of the countries on our itinerary. Come for a couple of weeks or a few months. Get to know for yourself the amazing men and women who are adding to the beauty of our world.

See our itinerary* below and fill out the form if you are interested in joining us.



Oct 2013 – Jan 2014
Kolkata: Income generation project for women in the red light district


Jan – Mar 2014
Kathmandu: Support the work of a home for abandoned widows and a home for at risk/vulnerable girls


Mar – June 2014
Delhi: Nurture the creative talent of individuals in the community who are marginalized and socioeconomically challenged and cultivate their unique voices through workshops and art classes


Jun/Jul 2014
Using art for community development in rural areas


Jul – Sept 2014
Amman: Assist ministry programs as needed, likely among women and Syrian Refugees


Sept-Dec 2014
Bethlehem: Volunteer on sustainable community farm during olive harvest and assist in community outreach programs and women’s classes as needed
Regional: Participate in and learn from relationship building and reconciliation programs throughout the region

Democratic Republic of Congo

Jan-Mar 2015
Beni: Support the work of a higher education institute and service learning programs

*Note: All locations, dates, and organizations are subject to change as the journey takes shape. This is still a work in progress.


I’d Like to Join You!

Note: Invitation to join us is contingent upon approval from our partnering organizations in each country. Filling out this form will simply notify us of your interest, it neither guarantees nor obligates you.

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