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There have been times that one of our partners has asked if we have the knowledge or resources to help with a specific need. Our answer has been “We don’t, but we know someone who does!” We recognize that we represent a community that has a wealth of ideas, skills, and experiences that could be just what our friends around the world are looking for.

But we also believe it doesn’t just go one way. The needs aren’t only “over there” and the resources aren’t only “over here.” We know that we in the Western world also have much to learn and receive from the equally rich wealth of ideas, skills, and experiences of the communities we will encounter.

So we want to make the introductions that can start those transforming, mutual relationships.

Here are a few examples of ways this is already starting:

    1. A couple of marriage and family therapists we know have provided valuable input and resources for a start-up organization in one of our partner countries that is working with children of sex workers.

    2. There is a young couple that is starting a farm in Minnesota and they have asked to be connected with farmers we meet along the way so they can learn from the techniques and experiences of people who have been farming for generations.

    3. We happen to be related to someone who is a genius with systems, and he is eager to offer Skype workshops on software and tools that can help streamline processes or map valuable data.

Are you starting to get the idea?

If you are interested in collaborating, fill out the form below and we can start dreaming together!

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