Day in the Life

Day in the Life || We Don't Do Great Things

Poor Servants of Jesus the Master [Nepal] We sit around a long rectangular wooden table where hospitality and friendship are served in equal measure. A nineteen year old boy, from Darjeeling, has just come to begin his novitiate. It will be at least seven years before he makes his final vows to God and to this community. Also at the table are three brothers who currently make up this newly […]

Day in the Life || N. Indian School

Boarding School [India] We spent six weeks with the students at a boarding school in N. India. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains, this school is committed to providing excellent education for students who have low-income and/or low-access to education. Many come from remote villages in the mountains. These kids captured our hearts and I had the opportunity to capture the ins and outs of their daily life: […]

Day in the Life || Sari Bari

Sari Bari is a place of vibrancy, of color, of life, of freedom. It is a place that one cannot easily forget, a place where hope is fought for tenaciously, where stories are sacred, where women are engaged in the daily work of redemption. It is not a place of romanticized ideals or tidy “success stories,” but an ongoing labor of love and community where celebration and tears, laughter and mourning, and all the rhythms of real life are played out.

Day in the Life || Common Harvest Farm

Ben & Sarah [USA] The light streaked across the sky and purpled the clouds. On their way to the kitchen Ben and Sarah stopped to admire the blaze. They lingered, paying their respect to the day, then inhaled, turned from the horizon and strode across the lawn. 220 boxes lined the tables and rollers and carts in the warehouse. 220 mouths gaping to receive the harvest. Dan flicked the switch, […]

Day in the Life || Billy & Marta

Billy & Marta¬† [USA] What is worth capturing and sharing? What is worth remembering? Which are the moments in life worthy of recording? As a photographer, I am often called upon to document the extraordinary events in life – a wedding, the birth of a baby, a graduating senior. These are certainly significant moments to capture and cherish. But what about the space in between? What about the stuff of […]