18 Months

18 months of travel, volunteering, farming, writing, listening, learning, etc. is coming to an end. I made a list of words, ideas, thoughts, feelings that arose while thinking about the last year-and-a-half. It came out in poem form, and I decided to share it with you: Loss, grief, death, sadness, disillusionment, distrust, despair, abandonment, forsaken. Cross. Tears. Lament. Anger. Fist. Root yourself. Be present. Do not be afraid. Only in […]

Eco-Peace: Fostering Interdependence

Guest Post: Jessye Waxman A muse for songwriters, a site of both pilgrimage and recreation, a border that at once marks a political and geographic divide and connects billions of Jews, Christians, and Muslims around the world. For thousands of years, the Lower Jordan River has played a significant role in the history of the Middle East, serving as a source of life-sustaining water and a site of deep spiritual […]

They Embody Possibility

They receive no monthly stipend, no rent support, no food packages. They cannot work, they cannot go back to Syria, they cannot go back to Palestine. Without the right paperwork, they cannot get into the already long slow line to leave the Middle East for opportunity elsewhere. Most Western nations are accepting only a handful of the 3 million refugees from Syria anyway. Impossible. It is an impossible situation.

A Brief History of Syria's War

We care about stories. We care about the individual lives impacted by overarching, complex events. We care about the names and faces behind the numbers and statistics. But we also recognize that stories have their context, that it is important to understand a little about the overarching events, that statistics give us a sense of scope beyond the individual story.

Finding Hope in Zaatari

Flooded with messages that say there is anything but hope when it comes to the Middle East, I see something much different. I have hope because of Nadine, in awe of how such love, joy and laughter flow so effortlessly despite the challenges she has faced. I have hope because of the Syrian people she represents, who choose to live with purpose and intention to add beauty to the world.