Israel & Palestine

18 Months

18 months of travel, volunteering, farming, writing, listening, learning, etc. is coming to an end. I made a list of words, ideas, thoughts, feelings that arose while thinking about the last year-and-a-half. It came out in poem form, and I decided to share it with you: Loss, grief, death, sadness, disillusionment, distrust, despair, abandonment, forsaken. Cross. Tears. Lament. Anger. Fist. Root yourself. Be present. Do not be afraid. Only in […]

Swords into Plowshares

I wrote the following in October when we had just begun our journey in Israel/Palestine. As with all conflicts, it is hard to tell one side of the story without coming across as one-sided. So it is with the recognition of this inherent bias that I share a piece of our experience that does not represent the whole story, but it is an important piece nonetheless.  —————- We sit in […]

Eco-Peace: Fostering Interdependence

Guest Post: Jessye Waxman A muse for songwriters, a site of both pilgrimage and recreation, a border that at once marks a political and geographic divide and connects billions of Jews, Christians, and Muslims around the world. For thousands of years, the Lower Jordan River has played a significant role in the history of the Middle East, serving as a source of life-sustaining water and a site of deep spiritual […]

At the End

“You have seen that this place is a Jewish homeland and you have seen that this place is a Palestinian homeland. How do you accept these truths without negating anyone who lives here? How can you give “favor” to all those living in this reality?”

Tireless Hope

It’s not just violence that stokes the despair. It’s the fatalism – the possibility that we are locked in this perpetual cycle of “redemptive” violence. Man killing man killing man. Even worse is the possibility that we should be; that it is our God-given decree to overcome evil with violence. We are all quite confident we are on the side of good.

Destined for Conflict

It has become clear to me that with all the differing beliefs and convictions, this world is destined for conflict; for strife that is intense and painful at best, violent and destructive at worst, and in any case absolutely difficult. I do not hold much hope for a time when we as a people can agree enough to tear down our barricades and lay down our weapons. I do not think that peace will ever come if it is dependent on consensus.