About Our Travels

We will be connecting with, learning from, and supporting organizations with specific ministries on each stop of the trip. However, the overarching purpose of the trip is to be “prophetic storytellers” with a four-fold purpose:

    Presence: To affirm the dignity, value, and worth of people as children of God by listening to and learning from their lives and stories
    Advocacy: To use storytelling, photography, and media to elevate the voices of those who are marginalized and communicate God’s heart for people suffering from oppression to our communities in the US
    Justice: Each of the organizations we are connecting with along the way play a significant role in the pursuit of justice, whether through freedom from human trafficking, education for the under served, care for refugees, reconciling relationships amidst conflict, etc
    Service: We come as servants to each organization, willing and available to offer help in whatever is most needed and appropriate

Below is an overview of each stop along the way*

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Oct 2013 – Jan 2014
Kolkata: Income generation project for women in the red light district


Jan – Mar 2014
Kathmandu: Support the work of a home for abandoned widows and a home for at risk/vulnerable girls


Mar – June 2014
Delhi: Nurture the creative talent of individuals in the community who are marginalized and socioeconomically challenged and cultivate their unique voices through workshops and art classes


Jun/Jul 2014
Using art for community development in rural areas


Jul – Sept 2014
Amman: Assist ministry programs as needed, likely among women and Syrian Refugees


Sept-Dec 2014
Bethlehem: Volunteer on sustainable community farm during olive harvest and assist in community outreach programs and women’s classes as needed
Regional: Participate in and learn from relationship building and reconciliation programs throughout the region

Democratic Republic of Congo

Jan-Mar 2015
Beni: Support the work of a higher education institute and service learning programs

*Note: All locations, dates, and organizations are subject to change as the journey takes shape. This is still a work in progress.


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