Stained: The Blog Made Book

To our beloved readers,

Thank you for journeying with us from afar, reading the stories and learning alongside us. Thank you for your comments, critiques, emails, likes and shares. Thank you for the ways you entered the story as we encountered people and places of incredible beauty and incredible pain.

We spent the past several months trying to reflect on, make sense of, and synthesize our experiences around the world. In the process we compiled our favorite stories, reflections, essays and photos into a book.


The beauty, the anguish, the friendship, the struggle that we engaged and the stories we shared through Adding to the Beauty can now be held in your hand and experienced anew. Journey with us again through words and images to the streets of Kolkata, the Himalaya of Nepal, the farms of Israel and Palestine, the shared meals in Jordan and the hospitable homes of Eastern Europe.

Order your book today!

We are honored to partner with Shelter 50 Publishing Collective on this project.


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