Syrian Refugee Crisis – Act Now

If They Knew - Syrians in JordanIn Syria’s war over 200,000 have died, 6 million have been internally displaced, and 3 million have fled the country – most of those live in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. If you’re like us and wonder how you can respond, here are three ways to invest:

Emergency Relief

Relief is not a long-term solution but the reality is most of the millions of Syrians living as refugees are not allowed to work, they don’t have enough money to pay rent, feed their families, access medical care, or attend proper schools. Now that winter is here, the suffering and need increases. Many organizations like the World Food Program are responding to the crisis, but they need money to do it. Our friends with Compassion and Mercy Associates are providing mattresses, blankets, pillows, gas stoves and monthly food packs to hundreds of families in Jordan. You can learn more and support them here.

Long-Term Education – 2015 for Syria

If we want to curb waves of extremism and work for a more peaceful world, we must focus on the massive youth population through mentoring, education, and job-opportunities. Questscope equips Arabs to provide nonformal education to youth who fall through the cracks. In Zaatari refugee camp Syrian adults are providing the resources to mentor Syrian youth. Elsewhere in Jordan, young Palestinian girls from Syria are given a community of friendship, safety and education. If you want to pursue peace in the Middle East, invest in Arab youth. Join us in raising $2015 for Syria by the end of 2014. Please consider donating $10, 20, 40 or 100 to support Questscope’s work.

Welcome Refugees

You won’t find many refugees from Syria in the US, because the US has only accepted about 300 refugees from Syria since the war started. Yes, it’s true, the wealthiest nation in the world has accepted 300 Syrian refugees out of the 3,000,000 in need. But spending time with Syrian living as refugees in Jordan has opened our eyes to the importance of welcoming refugees well – not only showing up at the airport, but helping them adjust to a new culture, a new language, a new life while living with the trauma of war. Whether they’re Syrian, Iraqi, Congolese, Sri Lankan, Somali, Bhutanese, Hmong, Karen, Laotian, or Sudanese, people are fleeing war, leaving hopeless refugee camps, and coming to our cities. When we travel to these countries we are often treated like family. Let’s do the same for them. Many organizations work in refugee resettlement. Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services are working around the country, or simply google Refugee Resettlement (Insert City/State) and find where you can get involved. One we know well in Minnesota is Arrive Ministries (formerly World Relief Minnesota). As a small group, house church, etc. you can work with Arrive to welcome refugees to your city and provide the resources and friendship people need to thrive in a new land.

 Give toward Emergency Relief, Invest in the Long-Haul, and Welcome Refugee Families into Your Lives

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