Words of Winter and Christmas

Tireless Hope Advent 2014

Guest Posts

Icicles so dazzling, bending light, transmuting the cold wetness into a different type of beauty – one which reminds us to catch light within & enjoy glimmers.
Beauty is not fixed, specifically beauty that is hard to find (such as winter offers)…
She reminds us to look, then look once more for what we thought wasn’t there.
Deeper & Deeper, turn within for your source of warmth – always remembering your inner light!

Kara Rosenberg, Minneapolis, MN

The Christmas Season is where America and Christianity get shaken and stirred.
As if baby Jesus is trying to sleep in the middle of Times Square.
Can I celebrate the birth of a man who preached simplicity, while still purchasing a socially acceptable number of toys for the children in my life.
Without letting these questions drag me down a rabbit hole so deep I can’t hear baby Jesus crying that his diaper needs changing.

Nate Roberts, Minneapolis, MN

An open landscape. Instead of feeling alone I feel freedom. No direction but my own.
Crisp clean freshly linened  sheets. Sun dried to perfection in gentle afternoon sun.
My next move impossible to foresee.  All I know is my feet are moving and excitement is bursting from within.

Katharine Plowman, Minneapolis, MN

This Advent, we are sharing reflections and stories from the Middle East, and reflections from friends in the Midwest US. Our realities may be very different from people in other parts of the world, but we all face our own pains, know our joys, and hold our own dreams closely.

And we all welcome December with Tireless Hope.


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