She Just Might Love You Back

Tireless Hope Advent 2014

Guest Post: Kim Jakus

You know how Andrew and Becca are always writing about non-violence?  And we all read their words and think, Yes, yes, so true.  Violence is not the solution.  Let’s strive towards peace and reconciliation.  Let’s learn to love our enemies.

And yet here we are, living in a constant state of fighting, resisting, bickering and complaining. We’re waging war against Public Enemy Number One: Winter.

Well, Stop it already! Give up your kicking and screaming! Quit your belly-aching and whining! Surrender and you might just find that Winter isn’t here to make your life miserable. She’s actually here to help you learn to rest, slow down, even hibernate. She’s here to teach you to embrace silence and learn to listen, not just to others, but to yourself.

I say all this not as a self-righteous broom-ball playing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing winter lover. But, as a girl who grew up in the dry, hot desert of Las Vegas and has spent the last 16 years in the Midwest trying to combat Winter with an arsenal of SAD lamps, vitamin D, puffy jackets and legwarmers. I say all this as the Queen of over-scheduling and confess I am simply horrible at relaxing because I feel guilty if I’m not productive.

But, I don’t want to fight anymore. It’s too exhausting. I don’t want to feel bitterness and resentment every time I step outside. I’m done. I give up. But this surrender isn’t Winter: 1, Kim: 0. It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden I love driving on icy roads or see some hidden beauty in the dirty, slushy snow. As with all our enemies, we may not like them, but we always have the capacity to love them. So, I’m going to keep my legwarmers and embrace a new motto: If you let yourself love Winter… well, she just might love you back.


photo credit: McAli333 via photopin cc

Kim Jakus Bio


Kim Jakus is a gardener, grocer, community organizer, homeowner and friendly neighbor in North Minneapolis. You cannot find her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, or see her photos on Instagram; her blogging is limited to a private journal and guest posts for Adding to the Beauty, but if you meet her in real life she’ll likely show you some serious hospitality. Also, she climbed a mountain. And she’s pretty proud of it.

This Advent, we are sharing reflections and stories from the Middle East, and reflections from friends in the Midwest US. Our realities may be very different from people in other parts of the world, but we all face our own pains, know our joys, and hold our own dreams closely.

And we all welcome December with Tireless Hope.


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