23 Days || Photo Essay

There is beauty that cannot be described, cannot be captured, cannot even be fully seen. It can only be experienced through immersion. For 23 days we were surrounded by such beauty – breathing its air, listening to its voices, stumbling through its midst, and trying somehow to appreciate it.

I made the tough choice to leave my multi-kilo camera equipment behind and most days on the trail I was grateful for that decision. But now, looking at the stunning scenery crammed into iPhone photos, I lament the loss of pixels and clarity. Yet deep down I know that even thousands of dollars worth of equipment cannot recreate the reality of what we walked through. So though it is a poor reflection, enjoy a glimpse of the wonders in the Annapurna Circuit:

We took a pilgrimage, not to a church or shrine or temple but to the mountains. For 23 days we walked in the presence of some of the world’s most breath-taking scenery in the Annapurna region of Nepal, completing the full Annapurna Circuit and a few side-treks. These are a few reflections written along the way, after hours and days of walking and breathing and sometimes contemplating.


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