Conversations with Kids

Moravian_Hostel-Life_053The content and depth of our daily conversation changed while staying at a K-12 boarding school.  One evening I was waylaid by a gaggle of preteen girls on my way from our outdoor kitchen to our room. The conversation went like this:

Ma’am where is your husband? I want to speak Nepali with him.
– He is in the kitchen.
He is eating his dinner?
– No, he is washing the dishes.
Ma’am, your husband knows how to clean the dishes??
– Yes.
Ma’am you also know how to clean the dishes?
– Yes, I know.
Wow, you are a nice husband and wife!
– Thank you.
Love marriage or arranged marriage?
– Love marriage, but our families approved.
When were you married?
– June, 2012.
No children?
– No children.
How old are you?
– I am 31.
And your husband?
– He is 28.
(Raises her eyebrows at me marrying a younger man, then shakes her head) Ma’am, love is blind, ma’am.


N.India_School_057As a woman in India, I often get questions about why we don’t have children yet. Some people assume I am barren and tell me they will pray for a child, some ask if I plan to work first and have children later, some just assure me that a child will come. However, the greatest “baby pressure” I have received so far was from a seven year old girl:

Ma’am, why you are not married?
– I am married, Andrew is my husband.
(astonished) He is your husband? No ma’am.
– Yes, it is true.
Then where are your children?
– We don’t have children yet.
(blink. blink.) You are not married.
– No, I am married, but we don’t have children.
When were you married?
– 2012.
What month?
– June
(Does some mental calculations) But ma’am!! It only takes nine months!

Indeed. How do you even respond to such sound reasoning?


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