Day in the Life || Sari Bari

[Kolkata, India]

Sari Bari is a place of vibrancy, of color, of life, of freedom. It is a place that one cannot easily forget, a place where hope is fought for tenaciously, where stories are sacred, where women are engaged in the daily work of redemption. It is not a place of romanticized ideals or tidy “success stories,” but an ongoing labor of love and community where celebration and tears, laughter and mourning, and all the rhythms of real life are played out.

If you haven’t already heard us rave about the women of Sari Bari, here are some more posts to familiarize you with the ways they have burrowed into our hearts.

This “Day in the Life” session is different than most, and your first question may be: where are all the faces? Read this first and then come back and enjoy the beauty of Sari Bari through the colors, designs, fabrics and the hands that stitch them into new life.


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I did not expect this. I did not expect to be so overwhelmed by love. I did not expect to find a community that we fit so well. I did not expect so much of what now fills my heart.