Day in the Life || Common Harvest Farm

Ben & Sarah [USA]

The light streaked across the sky and purpled the clouds. On their way to the kitchen Ben and Sarah stopped to admire the blaze. They lingered, paying their respect to the day, then inhaled, turned from the horizon and strode across the lawn. 220 boxes lined the tables and rollers and carts in the warehouse. 220 mouths gaping to receive the harvest. Dan flicked the switch, augmenting the dawn with light. His hands were the first to begin building. Potatoes came first. They tumbled into the boxes giving their weight and substance to the foundation. Onions followed, rolling to their place at the bottom. The day mustered itself and defeated the electricity. In anticipation of this victory Dan cut the power. We straggled in rubbing sleep from our eyes; now there were ten hands at work…

Andrew and I joined dear friends Ben and Sarah for a day in the life of Common Harvest  – a sustainable, organic, CSA farm in Osceola, WI. Wander through the fields, inhale the late summer breeze, and take in the array of colors on this Day in the Life.

The making of a CSA box


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