God of the Suffering [Audio]

RustyWhen it comes to human suffering, I’m not satisfied by easy theological answers or trite statements about the goodness of God whose “ways are higher than our ways.” I’m not interested in responses that fail to respect the hell many people face on earth.

The Mills Church (the church community in which I was raised) graciously invited me to reflect on my work among the poor – both my time in Kathmandu and my work in the U.S. on behalf of children suffering from severe hunger. In the sermon I face head on the suffering I saw and the hard questions it raised. I refuse those easy answers, and share a lingering hope in a good God. A God of the suffering. A God who suffers with us.

Click here to find the audio link.

Becca and I will be returning to The Mills to speak at the end of July. Stay tuned.


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