Day in the Life || Billy & Marta

Billy & Marta  [USA]

What is worth capturing and sharing? What is worth remembering? Which are the moments in life worthy of recording? As a photographer, I am often called upon to document the extraordinary events in life – a wedding, the birth of a baby, a graduating senior. These are certainly significant moments to capture and cherish.

But what about the space in between?

What about the stuff of ordinary life? What about the normal routines of our every day; the waking and sleeping, the coming and going, the details of the world which we inhabit each day? Are these not also part of our stories; are these not moments that in fact make up our lives?

Presenting A Day in the Life. Because there is beauty in the ordinary.

The photos below are a taste of my first Day in the Life session. My dear friends Marta and Billy invited me into the sacred rhythms of their daily life. From waking sleepy-eyed, to preparing for the day, to documenting each of their work places, to having drinks with their neighbors, I was honored to tell the story of life as it is lived.


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