Adding to the Beauty

The angels proclaimed, “The whole earth is filled with God’s Glory!”

…and yet, to be honest, sometimes we just. don’t. see it. We look around and see:

War. Slavery. Displacement. Hunger. Thirst. Environmental Destruction. Anything-but-glory.

But around the world we also see pockets of people working for peace, justice and new life in their communities. They are women in Kolkata embracing freedom from sexual exploitation and oppression. They are families in Israel and Palestine moving through grief and anger to build bridges of reconciliation. They are students in the Democratic Republic of Congo seizing the opportunity of education to transform their war-torn country.

They are the critical yeast that slowly works its way through the whole. They are giving us hope that God is indeed making all things new. They are adding to the beauty.

We are going to join them, for a time, in India, Nepal, Cambodia, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. For 1-3 months…in each place. We are going to listen. To learn. To serve. To love. To hear and share the stories. To add to the beauty.


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